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1.fully automatic
2.equipped with the yarn-broken stopper and tally function
3.saving labor
4.timly delivery



Auto double-head cleaning ball knitting and cutting machine could squeeze, knit, cut the steel cleaning ball at the same time, with a cutter in the one end of it, this machine can process the 3 steps in one time, The material usually use stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, copper-plating iron wire, etc., As the clean effect of the products are nice well, it is widely used in hotel, factory, kitchen, bathroom and so on.

     The machine uses advanced motor to adjust the speed of piner roller, using transducer to adust the speed of knitting machine and keep the machine in perfect of both functions.

       Adjust roller speed by the electro magnet speed control motor, and adjust the knitting speed of the rolling machine by the transducer, keep the perfect allocated proportion of both speed. At the same time, this machine install micro automatic setting of knitting speed, when the machine operates, it could automatically control the squash and knitting speed, thus it can adjust the mesh size of the products very conveniently, It can solve the problems which is not able to adjust the density of product, it is worthy of the leading position in knitting machines in our country.


MODEL Gauge cylinder dia revolution weight feed output size
QJT-QW-110C 3-12G 110,130mm 120-150rpm 200KG 2 50-70m/h 125*120*1750


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