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 the ultrasonic welding machine: used to weld together the sponge and the cleaning pad fabric.

        This machine is the associated equipment of cleaing scourer machine. We supply  a suite of  machines to make the cleaing scourer, including: cleaing scourer knitting machine; ultrasonic welding machine; shear machine; and so on.

      1. Japanese original assembled compressed electricity ceramic switching energy machine, and strong and steady output.

      2. Controlled loop design by IC, frequency auto-tracking,over-load protection equipment, which reduce the possibility of destroying the machine due to the incorrect operation.

      3. The main parts assembled in well-known imported components, ensure the machine performance steady and its using life time.

       4. Exquisite horixontal vertical,reasonable machine construction, weld-top centre limt position, which make the weldments exactly, strong and good-looking.

      5. Controlleable counterpoise makes the operation to move the model handy,

      6. Strong output,more large weld surface,good-looking and strong rapid working.

      7. Special and perfect service for our customers.


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