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Scrubber Sponge machine :Diameter(mm): 102 Feed: 1,2
Gauge: 6G-12G Output: 8-10m/h
Gross Weight: 230KG 

The Cleaning pad machine can weave pile loop with single-sided circular open top. And the principle of the cleaning pad is use the polypropylene fiber as basical yarn, and use metallic yarn or the plastic yarn to make the pile loop.

At the same time, the computer controls jacquard and yarn-changing. Thus the cleaning pad can have interval between metellic yarn and PP yarn, beautiful in colors and nice-looking.

The products made by the machine can compare with same products by machine of South Korean, but only cost 1/4 of it. This is really good price with excellent quality.


Knitting--putting the sponge in--heal,(with the Ultrasonic welding machine)--cutting-packing

Technical Target:

  • Diameter: 95mm,102mm120mm,135mm
  • Feed: 2
  • Gauge: 6G-12G
  • N.W: 150KG
  • Output: 10-25m/h
  • Power: 0.55KW

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