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18 feeders, double needle way.








With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing knitting machine, we successfully developed napping leggings knitting machine, 18 feeders, double needle way. This machine can weave cotton yarn, chemical fiber yarn, terylene, nylon yarn and union yarn into seamless circular fabric for soft napping leggings, Ninth pants.

There are new features:

1)      Machine body is fully-enclosed metal plate, attractive and durable. Motor, belt, line inside the body makes the machine more reliable.

2)      Developed control system with LCD automatically stops when broken yarn or missed stitch, counter shows the productivity in real time, more convenient for user to operate.

3)      Transducer achieves soft start, automatic transmission. Synchronous belt drive gets higher speed, decreases noise, and improves stability.

4)      high accuracy key spare parts. Cam, cylinder, needles are specially manufactured by CNCmachining center.

5)      Chroming all machine part prevents them to rust.


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